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Safety clothing for industry and construction wholesale

For over a decade, we have specialized in providing high-quality textiles and safety clothing for the international market. Our experience and expertise allow us to offer tailored solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our specialty: Customized safety clothing

We focus particularly on manufacturing individual safety clothing even for smaller quantities. Starting from an order quantity of 100 pieces, we offer you the option to customize items such as safety helmets, protective goggles, respiratory masks, and more with your company logo. Our products adhere to the highest safety standards and are available in various colors and designs.

Customized safety clothing

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Product Overview

Safety Helmets

Protect the head from falling objects and impacts. Ideal for construction workers and other hazardous work environments.

Protective Goggles and Face Shields

Provide comprehensive protection for the eyes and face from sparks, chemicals, and other hazardous particles. Essential in laboratories and during welding.

Hearing Protection

Includes earplugs and earmuffs to prevent hearing damage in loud environments such as construction sites or manufacturing.

Respiratory Masks

Protection against inhaling dust, fumes, and gases. Essential for work in dusty or chemically contaminated areas.

Safety Shoes

Equipped with steel caps and slip-resistant soles, they protect the feet from heavy falling objects and puncture injuries.

High-Visibility Clothing

High-visibility jackets and pants ensure that the wearer is easily visible in poor lighting conditions. Ideal for work on roads or during dusk.

Chemical Protective Suits

Provide protection against hazardous chemicals and contaminants, suitable for use in chemical plants and during hazardous waste cleanup.

Antistatic Clothing

Prevents the buildup of static electricity and is crucial in explosive or electronically sensitive work environments.

Protective Gloves

Various materials such as leather, nitrile, or Kevlar provide protection against cuts, abrasion, chemicals, and heat.

Body Protection

Vests and harnesses that protect against falls when working at heights. Essential for working on scaffolds or in high structures.

Knee and Elbow Pads

Provide additional protection in work environments that require frequent kneeling or crawling.

Cold Protection Clothing

Specialized clothing for work in extremely cold environments. Protects against cold while maintaining mobility.

Heat and Welder Protection

Aprons, jackets, and gloves specially designed for welding work to protect against sparks and heat.

Wholesale and Production of Safety Clothing

Safety clothing plays a crucial role in many industries, protecting employees from injuries and health hazards. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the wholesale and production sector of safety clothing.

Market Overview

Size and Growth

The safety clothing market is a steadily growing sector, driven by increasing awareness of workplace safety and stricter regulations.

Regional Insights

Europe and North America are major markets for high-quality safety clothing due to their stringent regulations.

Product Types


This category includes coveralls, jackets, and protective suits used in various industries.

Protective Clothing

Specialized garments such as flame-resistant suits or chemical-resistant coveralls are tailored to specific safety requirements.

Materials and Technologies

Fabrics and Materials

The range extends from cotton to synthetic fibers to advanced composite materials.

Innovations in Manufacturing

New technologies make safety clothing more effective and comfortable.

Production Techniques

Mass Production

To meet high demand, safety clothing is typically produced in large quantities.

Sustainable Production

Some companies strive for environmentally friendly production methods to reduce their ecological footprint.

Laws and Standards

Local Regulations

Each country has its own regulations to consider in production and distribution.

International Standards

ISO standards and other important standards ensure the quality and safety of clothing.


Market Barriers

Import tariffs and international trade barriers can affect availability and costs.

Technical Challenges

The industry faces the challenge of continuously developing new materials and technologies.

Future Outlook

Industry Trends

The integration of digitization and automation into production is increasing.

Innovation Potentials

New materials and smart technologies could further improve the safety and functionality of products.

The safety clothing industry is a vital sector that ensures workplace safety while also adhering to environmental standards.

Global Partnerships and Supply Chains

We work closely with trusted partners in Vietnam, China, and Bangladesh to ensure the best quality and value for money. Our flexibility in production allows us to fulfill short-term reorders and deliver worldwide.

Customized Solutions and Direct Sales

We value direct communication and collaboration with our customers to develop tailored solutions precisely tailored to their specific needs. Transparent negotiations and seamless transactions are our goal.

Do you have specific requirements or questions about our products? Contact us! We are ready to provide you with the best solution for your safety clothing worldwide. We look forward to being your partner for workplace safety.


Our strength lies in the customization of our products. We can offer custom safety clothing starting from an order quantity of 100 pieces. This includes integrating your company logo and adjusting colors and cuts according to your company standards. Our years of experience and collaboration with reliable partners in Asia allow us to offer high quality at competitive prices.


Yes, thanks to our efficient supply chain and collaboration with production facilities in Vietnam, China, and Bangladesh, we can easily handle large orders and quickly conduct reorders if needed. Our flexibility and speed in production allow us to meet our customers’ short-term requirements as well.


Yes, we provide worldwide delivery to customers, ensuring that safety clothing is delivered on time and in accordance with the specific import and safety regulations of each country. Our logistics partners assist us in ensuring fast and secure delivery.


We offer a wide range of safety clothing, including safety helmets, protective goggles, hearing protection, respiratory masks, safety shoes, high-visibility clothing, chemical protective suits, antistatic clothing, protective gloves, body protection, as well as specialized cold and heat protection clothing. Each product is manufactured according to the latest safety standards and can be customized individually.


Our experienced team is happy to advise you on selecting the appropriate safety clothing tailored specifically to the needs of your work environment and employees. We take into account both safety requirements and specific preferences regarding design and functionality.


We place great emphasis on individual customer needs. From the initial consultation to the delivery of the products, we work closely with our customers to ensure that all specific requirements are met. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we are always ready to provide flexible solutions to meet the needs of our customers.